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I’ve been floating down the Denial river for the past week not wanting to believe it but today I must face the brutal fact as she is laid to rest that this soul is the newest member of Heaven. Danette Baker - fierce, bubbly, loving, kind, and joyful. The best Theatre “Auntie” this only child actor could hope to not only work with but be mentored and loved by. She and her beloved husband Ed quickly took me under their wings my first summer at @7devilsnpf in 2012 and have since seen me in other projects, sent Christmas cards, Zoomed with me during the pandemic, and plainly shared their light and love in a way I had only seen in the epic romantic tales of old. Role models and shining examples of how to live this crazy life fully. It doesn’t feel real that she is gone, especially since I had just Zoomed into her acting/auditioning class at Wichita State in September to chat with her students! She has touched so many lives in her capacity as a teacher and actor - and also in her humanity that has no limit. I’m writing this in a coffee shop in an effort to not completely melt into a sobbing puddle but the silent tears will not cease. I find it fitting tho - In McCall, Idaho where 7Devils happens, there is an excellent little coffee shop called Foglifter. At the end of the 2 weeks of Magic, Ed would say “let’s get a coffee soon!” as a less final way of saying goodbye with Danette beaming by his side until we might all see each other again. Well…with all my love to you, Let’s get a coffee soon ❤️‍🩹


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