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Why do I workout⁉️ 💪🚀🙏🔥🇺🇸🏆 Your body is your home and only YOU decide in which house to live for the rest of your life. I workout to LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST… because when you feel amazing in your body, that will reflect in your daily life. - I train for longevity - I train for more confidence in my body - I train for never missing the bus if I need to run to catch it - I train for clubbing and dancing for hours at night without feeling exhausted - I train to carry my groceries with ease - I train for having non stop energy - I train to push my limits - I train to be stronger - I train to do anything physical without limitations… - I train to challenge my body and mind - I train to feel amazing Your personal health and fitness 100% correlates to your personal, professional, spiritual and emotional success. Everything is connected! If you want more professional growth, more money, more confidence, more energy, more success in every area of your life, start investing in yourself and your health and start seeing amazing changes. So why don’t more people live a healthier lifestyle? Most common answers will be “I don’t have time”… but let me tell you… It is never a lack of time, it is a lack of priorities… If it matters to you, you’ll always find a way! If it doesn’t, you’ll find an excuse. As one of my clients pointed out on our call this morning: the moment he started investing in himself and his health was the moment he started having more happiness, confidence, financial growth and professional success, among other things! That is why the most successful people on this planet have a health and fitness routine. It will teach you: - Discipline - Patience - Commitment and consistency - How to increase overall health - Improve sleep and relieve stress - Increase your confidence, physically and mentally - Being comfortable with the uncomfortable physical challenges It become a snowball effect: Feel good. Look good. Perform better. Attract more. Stop making excuses and get it! Let’s have a great week.


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