Unfold's post: Featured storyteller @mary kang conveys the power of micro-affirmations and kindness through her work this AAPIHeritageMonth Mary Inhea Kang is ...

Featured storyteller @mary.kang conveys the power of micro-affirmations and kindness through her work this . Mary Inhea Kang is a South Korean American photographer driven by a desire to understand and document the identities we construct for ourselves, which affect how we build our world. Mary was born in Icheon, South Korea and later moved to Austin, Texas. Through her work, she explores the tensions and limits between individualism and collectivism. When approaching photos, Mary is inspired by her friend Shiyam Galyon’s quote, “I want to live in a world that feels moved by photos of non-white people at their best moments in life, rather than at their worst” while not ignoring the real issues that many marginalized communities face.


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