CONTRAST CREW 's video: The Notorious B I G dance mashup Mo Money Mo Problems Hypnotize G O A T Flying Steps Academy

@The Notorious B.I.G. dance mashup (Mo Money, Mo Problems/ Hypnotize/ G.O.A.T.) Flying Steps Academy
Have you missed us yet? We hope so! We're finally back and hope that you're up for a round of golf with us and the one and only Christopher Wallace aka "The Notorious B.I.G." (actually that’s a really unnecessary question, because who would say no to that…)! 💯 If Biggie aka Biggie Smalls aka Big Poppa aka B.I.G. was still alive, he would have celebrated his 50th birthday on May 21 and he would have seen his album "Life After Death" turn 25 - two great anniversaries! To this day, he continues to shape generations and hip hop culture. We want to celebrate that in his memory - with a dance to a mash-up with some of his greatest hits. Specifically to Mo Money, Mo Problems and Hypnotize. And surprise surprise, his new track G.O.A.T. (ft. Ty Dolla $ign and nigerian singer Bella Alubo), which was recently released, is also part of the party. 🔥 True Biggie fans will quickly see why we chose this particular location this video (and for those who still want to be, it's worth checking out the music video for My Money, Mo Problems). But first, you should look forward to get entertained by our BBoys and BGirl dancing as they try to get the golf ball on target. As always, we appreciate your feedback: How did you like the choreography in memory of Biggie? Leave us a comments! 😎 By the way, Biggie's success did not come from anywhere: already at the age of 15, Christopher George Latore Wallace began to rap and was at the same time very smart. But even if he was a good student, he did not finish highschool. Instead he started a music career (although unfortunately a very short one), which still gives him the crown as one of the most successful rappers ever. ❤️👑 Our HOMEBASE is BERLIN, Germany, and if you are ever around town, come say hello and show us how you move! LEAVE US A COMMENT :-) & SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for a new class video every Sunday: https://bit.ly/2vRBLhq For more class choreography videos, check out this playlist: https://bit.ly/2QQ4j25 FIND US on Instagram @flyingstepsacademy MUSIC The Notorious B.I.G. - Mo Money, Mo Problems The Notorious B.I.G. - Hypnotize The Notorious B.I.G. - G.O.A.T. (feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Bella Alubo) CHOREOGRAPHY Peeps & Dancers DANCERS Cindy "Minzy" Martinez Louis "Light" Buß B-Boy Bart Bruce Momentum FILMED I EDITED Jeffrey Jimenez MUSIC MIXED DJ Just A Kid Check out our playlist and discover the hottest tracks right now➡️ https://wmg.click/TheCultureYC This channel is owned & supported by Warner Music Germany. flyingsteps


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