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@Cochise - COOK UP (Lyrics)
Subscribe and press (๐Ÿ””) to join the Notification Squad and stay updated with new uploads Follow Cochise: http://www.instagram.com/cochise http://www.twitter.com/cochise http://www.facebook.com/itscochise ๐Ÿ“ท Wallpaper: https://unsplash.com Lyrics: [Intro] Yeah, yeah, V12, catch me riding in thatโ€” (Yo Cochise, a weh dem a seh?) [Verse 1] Uh, yeah, V12, catch me ridin' in that Aston Baby, I ain't muscle, yeah, lil' bih, I be fastin' Tell her, "Stop the cap," tell a jit to stop that braggin' Heard they wanna test me, if they test me, then I'm spazzin' Money in my pocket so damn much, it got me saggin' I been gettin' money, I be slimin', need a napkin [Chorus] Need it, uh, yeah Need it, uh huh, yeah Work 'em, uh huh, yeah Talkin', uh, yeah Cook 'em up, huh, uh Look 'em up, huh, uh I get, uh, huh, uh Talkin', uh, uh Make it, uh, uh [Verse 2] Make it bust (Yeah, bust) Stop the fuss (Stop the fuss) G.O.D. (On God) That's a must (That's a must) I get the bread (Get the bread) Even crust (Yeah, facts) With my bro (With my bro) Big Time Rush (Uh), rush (Uh) Rush (Uh), rush (Uh) Rush (Uh), rush (Uh) Niggas switchin' on they brother, that's disgust' (That's disgust') They gon' leave you in the rain so you can rust (So you can rust) That's just how the world be rockin', just adjust (Yeah, facts, ayy) Lil' nigga, that's facts (Yeah, facts) Got a couple lil' plaques (Got a couple lil' plaques) Got her mad like Max (Hey, hmm) Don't turn rat (Uh, yeah) [Refrain] Make it, uh Look it, uh Bake it, uh Cook it, uh Take it, uh Cook it, uh Shake it, uh Shook it, uh, uh [Bridge] V12, catch me in thatโ€” (Uh, uh) Man, these niggas got me wipin' on a napkin (Uh, uh) Man, that work, nigga know how to [1:27][?] [Chorus] Need it, uh, yeah Need it, uh, huh, yeah Work up, uh, huh, yeah Talkin', uh, yeah Cook up, uh huh, uh Look up, uh huh, uh I get, uh huh, uh Talkin', uh, uh Make it, uh, make it, uh [Verse 3] Talkin' it up (Talkin' it up) I'm talkin' it up (I'm talkin' it up) And she talkin' it up (And she talkin' it up) Uh, yeah, I might pocket it up (I might pocket it up) Yeah, I pull up, I pocket it up (Ha) And shawty, she know that we up, yeah And shawty, she know we get stuck, uh (Yeah) Tag ๐Ÿ”– Cochise, COOK UP, Cochise COOK UP, COOK UP Cochise, COOK UP Lyrics, Lyrics COOK UP, Cochise COOK UP Lyrics, COOK UP Cochise Lyrics, Cochise Lyrics COOK UP, COOK UP Lyrics Cochise, Lyrics Cochise COOK UP, Lyrics COOK UP Cochise


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