TheX Launchpad's video: Don Toliver - No Idea Launchpad Cover Tik Tok Song

@Don Toliver - No Idea//Launchpad Cover//Tik Tok Song!!
Heeey 1 more vídeo , And Happy new year !!!!!! in 2019 I reached many goals !! and this is amazing for me !!! Thank you all for the support you have given me In 2019 I reached 100 subscribers, 200, and 300 !!! I hope that by 2020 it will reach many more subscribers as well. And I expect the same from you!! And finally I can bought a new PC So today I play Don Toliver - No idea !!!! From Tik Tok Thank You so much for 344 subscribers !!!!!´ We can hit with this video 347 Subscribers ???? Project file : https://www.mediafire.com/file/72tdd5v5we9hhry/Don+Toliver+-+No+idea+Remix+Project.zip/file Difficult Rank : 5/10 Lights: 9/10 Creator of this project : MEEEE Follow me on : Youtube : Just click in "subscribe button" Enter on my discord server (everyone is welcome) - Hardware used in this video !!! Ableton 10 suite Matjaczyyy plugins😁 iMovie And finally my software used Mac Book air 2019 i5 Launchpad Pro My mouse And The camera is my phone !!! Edit , thanks for 1200


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