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🍿WATCH NEXT: Best Burgers in San Diego ► https://youtu.be/W8MyzREy8yg 🌮 THEN WATCH: Best Tacos in San Diego ► https://youtu.be/XIz7XBq6axw 🏖 FINISH WITH: Best Beaches in San Diego ► https://youtu.be/X8IlHxza7Io San Diego, California - I've been wanting to make this "Best Pizza in San Diego" episode for a long time. As a New York native, I was worried when I first moved to San Diego that there wasn't going to be any good pizza. I was wrong. There are so many incredible pizza places here in San Diego, and this episode is just an example of how many good spots there are in the city. To prove it, I even made a map of all the pizza places people suggested that I visit while making this San Diego food vlog! San Diego Pizza Map: https://bit.ly/SD-Pizza-Map If you have any San Diego pizza restaurants that I missed, please comment them below and I'll include them on the map! I hope you enjoyed this San Diego Pizza Travel Guide about as much as we did making it! ❤️ If so, please hit that "👍" button, and leave a comment! See ya next week from Croatia!! 🔔 PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, for more food & travel vlogs ► https://bit.ly/you-da-best​​​​ ---------- WATCH ANOTHER "TRAVEL DEEPER" SERIES: ✈️ Russia ► https://bit.ly/Travel-Deeper-Russia-Series Philippines ► https://bit.ly/Travel-Deeper-Philippines-Series Japan ► https://bit.ly/Travel-Deeper-Japan-Series Brazil ► https://bit.ly/Travel-Deeper-Brazil-Series Australia ► https://bit.ly/Travel-Deeper-Australia-Series USA ► https://bit.ly/Travel-Deeper-USA-Series Mexico ► https://bit.ly/Travel-Deeper-Mexico-Series ---------- WHO AM I? Hi! My name is Gareth Leonard, an American Travel YouTuber with a passion for slow, meaningful Travel. I have spent the past 13+ years traveling around the world while creating travel vlogs to help inspire and educate people to “Travel Deeper.” If you enjoy my work, please subscribe to this channel and turn on the notifications bell to stay up-to-date with my travel deeper adventures. Daily updates can also be found on my Instagram Stories (@traveldeeper), so if you’ve read this far, send me a DM with the “🦊” emoji so I know you’re a real one! Thanks for following along! 🙏


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