Gareth Leonard's video: I SAID I D NEVER DO THIS Nile River Cruise from Aswan to Luxor Nubian Village Abu Simbel

@I SAID I'D NEVER DO THIS 🇪🇬 Nile River Cruise from Aswan to Luxor + Nubian Village & Abu Simbel
🍿WATCH NEXT First 24 Hours in Egypt ► https://youtu.be/8bl3wPRuzP0 🔔 PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, for more travel vlogs ► https://bit.ly/you-da-best​​​​ 👕 15% OFF CUTS Clothing ► https://cuts.team/traveldeeper Aswan, Egypt - After taking the overnight sleeper train from Cairo to Aswan, it was time to begin our Nile River Cruise from Aswan to Luxor. Before we even got to see the cruise ship, from the Aswan Train Station, we met our Aswan guide for the day and immediately boarded a small boat en route to the Philae Temple. The pyramids of Giza are incredible structures, but this is something completely different. The Philae Temple complex is primarily dedicated to the Egyptian Goddess, Isis, the mother of all gods, goddess of the sky, moon, healing, and magic among other spiritual powers. It served as a protective boundary and barracks for Egyptian Pharaohs, and then also for the Greeks and Romans during each of their respective time controlling this region. Which is why you can see Monuments of varies eras extending from the Pharaohs to the Caesars. Including an amazing structure called Trajan’s Kiosk, the unfinished monument dedicated to the Roman Emperor, Trajan. From the Philae Temple, we made our way back down the Nile River past Aswan. The city of Aswan was a frontier town of Ancient Egypt, even mentioned in the bible under its original name. Aswan was a trade center, serving as the gateway to Sudan and Ethiopia. Occupied by the Persians, then the Greeks and then the Romans, I mean, we’re traversing up one of the most important waterways in the history of the world, it’s just crazy to wrap my head around. To this day, one indigenous group still calls this place home - the Nubians. The Nubian People are an ethnic group who are indigenous to Nubia or the modern day region of northern Sudan and southern Egypt. Nubians originate from the early inhabitants of the central Nile Valley, and they speak their own Nubian languages, as well as Arabic and some English. While this is considered a traditional Nubian village, I highly doubt their ancestors sold so many plastic camels.However, they are a trading people, and for today’s Nubians here, they’re trading handmade trinkets and souvenirs for foreigner cash. They’re survivalists. Now, I still can’t figure out if this place is showcasing Nubian culture or exploiting it, but, I would have loved to stay here longer to see beyond the colorful exteriors. From here, we head back to Aswan in time for sunset and to check into our Nile River Cruise. The next morning, we take a three hour drive south, to Abu Simbel, the grand temples of Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses II. Ramesses built Abu Simbel to impress upon the people in this region of Egypt’s great power and control as this area was an important source of gold and other precious trade goods. Perhaps the most incredible aspect of this site is that fact that in 1968, the entire complex was moved to this artificial hill, piece by piece, exactly how it was found from it’s original resting place to avoid being flooded by the creation of a man-made lake. From here, we head back to our Nile River Cruise parked in Aswan to continue our cruise north to Luxor. I hope you enjoyed this Egypt Travel Vlog from Aswan, Egypt as much as we did making it! ❤️ If so, please hit that "👍" button, and leave a comment! See ya next week! ---------- WATCH ANOTHER "TRAVEL DEEPER" SERIES: ✈️ Russia ► https://bit.ly/Travel-Deeper-Russia-Series Philippines ► https://bit.ly/Travel-Deeper-Philippines-Series Japan ► https://bit.ly/Travel-Deeper-Japan-Series Brazil ► https://bit.ly/Travel-Deeper-Brazil-Series Australia ► https://bit.ly/Travel-Deeper-Australia-Series USA ► https://bit.ly/Travel-Deeper-USA-Series Mexico ► https://bit.ly/Travel-Deeper-Mexico-Series ---------- WHO AM I? Hi! My name is Gareth Leonard, an American Travel YouTuber with a passion for slow, meaningful Travel. I have spent the past 13+ years traveling around the world while creating travel vlogs to help inspire and educate people to “Travel Deeper.” If you enjoy my work, please subscribe to this channel and turn on the notifications bell to stay up-to-date with my travel deeper adventures. Daily updates can also be found on my Instagram Stories (@traveldeeper), so if you’ve read this far, send me a DM with the “🦊” emoji so I know you’re a real one! Thanks for following along! 🙏


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