IMPACT Wrestling's video: Kurt Angle Hits 7 GERMAN SUPLEXES On Christian Cage Against All Odds February 11 2007

@Kurt Angle Hits 7 GERMAN SUPLEXES On Christian Cage | Against All Odds February 11, 2007
"The Olympic Gold Medalist" Kurt Angle hits "The Instant Classic" Christian Cage with a devastating 7 German Suplexes in a row at Against All Odds on February 11, 2007 Become an IMPACT WRESTLING INSIDER today with the ultimate YouTube membership: https://bit.ly/JoinUltimateImpact There’s two levels of membership: IMPACT INSIDERS and IMPACT ULTIMATE INSIDERS. INSIDERS get access to members-only badges that appear next to your name in the comments sections and during exclusive live-chats with your favorite impact wrestling stars. Insiders also get exclusive access to IMPACT’s weekly television show each and every Thursday. ULTIMATE INSIDERS get all of that plus a whole lot more including: Monthly Impact Wrestling special events… Impact pay-per-view replays and access to the TNA and impact archive… exclusive merchandise offers… exclusive gifs, photos and music… and a ton of brand new impact original shows. Subscribe to IMPACT Plus for access to over 4000 hours of TNA/IMPACT content: https://impactwrestling.com/impactplus/ Collect IMPACT merch: http://www.shopimpact.com , , ,


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