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@Psychedelic Circus 🍄 Palette & Collection Reveal! | Jeffree Star Cosmetics
Welcome BACK to my channel... It's SCORPIO season!!!! And it's time to unleash the next major color collection from Jeffree Star Cosmetics! Introducing the Psychedelic Circus Collection!!! 💘 Before 2022 comes to a close, we wanted to leave this year with a BANG packed full of color and extra weirdness. We have a 21 pan artistry palette with bold and shockingly pretty shades, there's a new skin care item andddd we've extended our new Liquid Star Shadow formula! Saddle up and come dive into ALL the details. 🍄 EVERYTHING LAUNCHES ON NOV. 11TH @ 10AM PST / 1PM EST!! 🎪 Psychedelic Circus Palette - $60 💧 Liquid Star Eyeshadow (6 Shades) - $20 Diva Galaxy Another Realm Groovy Dreams Manifest Pink Tablet Star Vortex Third Eye Open 🍄 Magic Star Mushroom Mist – $28 🎡 Velour Liquid Lipsticks - $18 Bearded Lady Circus Peanut Clown Blood Healing Hour Lizard Jewel Mindbender Mushroom Ocean 🥶 Frozen Forest Lip Balm – $18 Bundles: Psychedelic Circus Ultimate Bundle - $315 Includes: Palette, Liquid Star Shadows, Liquid Lipsticks, Mushroom Mist, and Lip Balm Trippy Kit - $38 Includes: Mushroom Mist, Lip Balm Third Eye Bundle - $120 Includes: All Liquid Star Shadows Altered State Bundle - $106 Includes: All Velour Liquid Lipsticks Fashion & Accessories: Psychedelic Travel Bag - $30 Trippy Star Hand Mirror - $25 Psychedelic Glow Hand Mirror - $30 Psychedelic Hand Mirror - $30 Psychedelic Circus Bucket & Trucker Hat's – $30 each Psychedelic Circus Neon Melt Hoodie - $60 Melt Hoodie - $45 Melt Long Sleeve – $40 Melt Joggers – $45 Trip Black Hoodie – $50 Trip Black Tee – $35 Trip Moss Hoodie - $55


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