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@Giving A Makeover To My Subscriber! | #KomalStyles, Episode 1 | Komal Pandey
Hey you all! Welcome to the first episode of ! I really wanna make this concept a thing on my channel. So if these 3 videos (2 more coming up this week) work out- there will be one/two videos like these EVERY month! So let me know in the comment section below what you think? Also, a huge shout out to Ritika for being so sporting! You looked so beautiful. Big hug! On Ritika: 1. White off shoulder- INR300 2. Blue pants- INR300 4. Neckpieces- INR200+200= INR400 Camera work: Neeraj! Find him on Instagram @neeraj.kt Assisted by Swasti (@swastiii_ on Instagram) Love, Komal


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