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@5 colour block outfits that will help you block bad vibes. | Komal Pandey
HELLO, MY LOVES! lately ive been surrounded by a lot of bad vibes and you know how dressing a certain way can really help you uplift your mood. This is just that. I am showing you 5 colour block outfits that will help block all negativity, because fuck that. LOVE, Komal OUTFIT DETAILS: Look 1: 1. top- Zara 2. skirt- Zara 3. Bag- Mistry 4. Sunglasses- very old Janpath Look 2: 1. Swimsuit- Ookioh 2. Blazer- H&M 3. Capri leggings- Zara 4. Bag- @thrift_india on Instagram Look 3: 1. yellow coord- Zara 2. Blue blazer- Zara 3. Scarf- @rerun.n on Instagram 4. Bag- Mistry Look 4: 1. bikini bottom- OOKIOH 2. Shirt- Alaya by Stage 3 3. Bikini top- Zara 4. Jeans- Zara Look 5: 1. Scarf- @rerun.n on Instagram 2. pants- Zara 3. necklace- Zara


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