Shuttle Flash's video: 50 Unique Skills from Tai Tzu Ying

@50 Unique Skills from Tai Tzu Ying
To subscribe to Shuttle Flash click here https://www.youtube.com/c/ShuttleFlashBadminton?sub_confirmation=1 Index of Skills: --------------- 0:00 Intro 0:22 The Tai Tzu Ying Backfire Shot 1:02 Lobbed Drop Shot 1:21 Behind the Back Trick Shot 2:07 Cross Court Drive (Late Forehand) 2:22 Cross Court Drive (Late Backhand) 2:47 Indecisive Backhand Save from Low Position 3:31 Reverse Slice Straight Drop (Forehand) 4:00 Reverse Slice Straight Drop (Backhand) 4:17 Reverse Slice Straight Drop with Full Pirouette (Backhand) 4:35 Reverse Slice Smash (Forehand) 4:58 Hold and Flick (Backhand) 5:33 Hold and Flick with Vertical Racket Head (Backhand) 5:47 Hold and Flick Cross Court (from Forehand) 6:12 Forehand Disguised Net Shot with same action as Hold & Flick 6:26 Hold and Flick Cross Court (from Backhand) 6:45 Cross Court Backhand Smash 7:10 Straight Backhand Smash 7:26 Counter Attack, Forehand Cross Court Drive 7:45 Straight Push with Reverse Slice (Forehand) 8:00 Straight Return Drive (Forehand) 8:18 Between the Legs Trick Shot 8:38 Net Kill (Backhand) 9:01 Net Kill (Forehand) 9:17 Smash & Kill with turn of the Racket Head 9:45 Perfect Spinning Net Shot (Backhand) 10:07 Disguised Slow Drop (Forehand) 10:43 Backhand Cross Court Drop Shot 11:07 Wrist-Only Forehand Cross Drop 11:31 Cross Court Backhand Clear 11:57 Low Forehand Clear 12:19 Double Action Net Shot (Forehand) 12:53 Double Action Net Shot (Backhand) 13:33 Pace Off Drop Shot (Forehand) 14:02 Pace Off Drop Shot (Inside out forehand from Backhand Side) 14:34 Disguised Net Shot (from Forehand Front Court) 15:13 Cross Court Net Shot (Low Backhand) 15:40 Cross Court Net Shot (Low Forehand) 15:54 Forehand Cross Net Shot with Dive 16:17 LCW Type Low Backhand Net Shot 16:38 Double Cross Net Shot 16:54 Insane Reflexes 17:26 Cross Court Defence (Backhand) 17:55 Cross Court Defence (Backhand) with Full Pirouette 18:33 Cross Court Defence (Forehand) 18:56 Ridiculous Crouched Defence 19:18 Stick Smash from Round-the-Head 19:45 Sideways Drift Control 20:09 Anticipation/Guessing 20:32 Excellent Shuttle Control (Net Shot while the Shuttle is Tumbling) 20:59 Net Cord on a Net Cord If any content owners would like their images/videos removed, please contact us by email at sf.creator.yt@gmail.com If you ever wish a video to be taken down, all you need to do is ask and i will take it down immediately. I have worked hard to build this channel and would be sad to lose it for something so trivial. Thanks for understanding. Peace. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. 1) This video does not have a negative impact on the revenue of the original video 2) This video is similar to a "movie trailer" and will only increase the demand of the original full match video thanks badminton rackets, badminton net, badminton grip, badminton, raquets, net, grip, shuttle, shuttlecock, best badminton racket, racket, yonex


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