The Food Ranger's video: Surviving SICHUAN 500 Hours of EXTREME Chinese Street Food The ULTIMATE Sichuan Food Documentary

@Surviving SICHUAN!!! 500 Hours of EXTREME Chinese Street Food! The ULTIMATE Sichuan Food Documentary
My new blog: https://travelsecurely.com Today, I'm (Trevor James, The Food Ranger) surviving for 500 hours in Sichuan, eating spicy food just for you! This is literally the biggest Sichuan food documentary I've ever made, make sure to watch the whole video because it's packed with amazing Chinese street food that you're going to love! You're going to really enjoy the Chinese street food in this video! Chinese food is my favourite food in the world, and in Sichuan, it's absolutely amazing. I hope you like all the chinese cooking and chinese recipes in this video! 00:00:00 Introduction 00:00:52 Talking about the worst food 00:01:14 First bowl of dan dan noodles 00:03:48 neighbourhood spicy noodles 00:05:22 Sichuan chili oil heaven 00:07:32 Amazing spicy outdoor noodles 00:11:20 Back kitchen spicy noodles, amazing 00:17:09 Bringing my parents for a sichuan food tour 00:17:56 Ding ding candy 00:19:41 Massive Sichuan lunch 00:25:07 Wholesale spice market 00:29:37 Visiting the peoples park 00:30:28 Eating durian 00:31:31 Sichuan duck 00:34:35 Chopping the duck skills 00:36:19 Sweet potato noodles 00:38:22 Muslim Chinese lamb noodle soup 00:40:51 Sichuan tripe salad 00:44:04 Spicy Sichuan pancake 00:48:48 Spicy pork brain dinner 00:52:29 Morning market exploration 00:53:08 Ding ding candy 00:54:36 Peanut candy 00:57:53 Chinese herbs 00:58:25 Full market action 01:00:03 Intestine noodles 01:02:26 Sichuan market duck 01:04:00 Friendly lady 01:05:35 Deep fried pork 01:08:11 Sichuan bakery 01:10:25 Sichuan beef 01:11:50 Sichuan broadbean paste 01:12:54 Cold sichuan salad 01:14:48 Duck hot tub 01:18:06 Spicy fried intestines 01:20:54 Sichuan pancake 01:22:51 Sichuan cold wrap 01:27:38 Sichuan pork tongue 01:30:46 Sichuan jelly noodles 01:33:31 Sichuan zajiang noodles 01:36:47 Bringing 2 American guests around 01:38:44 Sichuan firewood chicken pot 01:39:26 Sichuan zajiang noodles 01:41:14 Sichuan roast duck 01:41:57 Eating raw peppercorn 01:43:05 Sweet and spicy wontons 01:43:32 Sichuan candy 01:44:04 Back to the wontons 01:45:12 Sichuan sweet water noodles 01:46:07 Jelly noodle sandwich 01:47:41 Sichuan fly restaurant 01:49:05 Sichuan steamed pork bun 01:50:17 Biggest buddha in the world 01:50:33 Sweet molasses pocket 01:51:36 Sichuan bobo chicken 01:52:49 Sichuan siumai 01:54:32 Blade sheared noodles 01:56:20 Sichuan hot pot 01:57:23 Morning Baozi 01:59:47 Sichuan duck 02:01:53 Healthy street wrap 02:05:54 Sichuan peppercorn raw 02:09:39 Sichuan fly restaurant 02:14:14 Taking shots of pig brain 02:18:02 Dingding candy again 02:20:04 Feichang fen skills 02:23:50 Sichuan guokui biscuit 02:28:41 Sichuan zajiang noodles 02:32:18 Sichuan pickles 02:33:54 Spicy sichuan hot pot 02:35:49 Sichuan hot pocket 02:37:52 Sichuan molasses pocket 02:39:05 Siumai 02:41:11 Blade sheared noodles 02:42:43 Bobo chicken again 02:45:23 Leshan tianpiya 02:46:23 Leshan tofu brain 02:47:57 Leshan ox soup 02:52:19 Sweet water noodles 02:54:05 Sichuan danhonggao 02:55:46 Friendly lady mixing noodles 02:56:59 Sichuan douhua 02:59:03 Sichuan guokui 03:00:13 Pork blood soup 03:03:30 home base noodles 03:06:45 Hanging noodles 03:07:57 Guokui 03:10:59 Beef noodle soup 03:14:35 Sichuan rice balls 03:18:28 Sichuan stir fry dishes 03:23:58 Neijang noodles 03:27:54 Fatty pork 03:31:17 Sichuan pickled chicken feet 03:33:39 Sichuan chilies 03:35:41 Sichuan sticky rice dessert 03:38:49 Sichuan lunch joint I hope you enjoyed this Chinese street food tour of Sichuan!


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