The Food Ranger's video: Most RARE Street Food Tour of Saudi Arabia - INSANE Camel Platter FULL Day of Eating Saudi Food

@Most RARE Street Food Tour of Saudi Arabia - INSANE Camel Platter + FULL Day of Eating Saudi Food!!!
Get ready for this AMAZING Street food tour of Saudi Arabia in South Saudi, Abha! Today we're bringing you along for a FULL DAY of eating Saudi Arabia Street Food! And thank you to the Bayat Hotel for their amazing hospitality and comfort during out stay! Also want to give a big thank you to Hisham Baeshen for helping arrange the whole trip: https://www.instagram.com/misho_baeshen/ Today in this part 2 of 3 Saudi Arabia we are going in DEEP for some AMAZING Street Food in Saudi Arabia! This is wher e some of the best Middle Eastern food is in the world!! We are bringing you in for 5 amazing Saudi Arabia street foods!! First up we are going for an amazing traditional Saudi breakfast! The Mugalgal lamb stew with honey and ghee! Shop Name: hsn 'abha And next up we are going for another South Saudi Arabian breakfast in Abha, the Areekah! This is super unique!! Shop Name: areekah reefy And next up, we are going for an incredible goat cooked on the rocks restaurant! Shop Name: ARAB MANDI RESTAURANT And then we are stoping on the side of the street for some Saudi tea! And to finish up the night, we're going in for an incredible giant camel platter! Shop Name: hashi basha This is a historical video that I've been looking forward to making for you for a long time! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thefoodranger Twitter: https://twitter.com/FoodRanger Insta: https://instagram.com/thefoodranger ► My Food Blog: https://www.thefoodranger.com ► MERCH AVAILABLE HERE: https://shop.bonfire.com/thefoodranger The Food Ranger Trevor James Instagram: ► https://www.instagram.com/thefoodranger ►My Street Food Blog: https://thefoodranger.com


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