The Food Ranger's video: Surviving Sichuan - 500 Hours of SPICY Street Food in Szechuan China Full Documentary

@Surviving Sichuan - 500 Hours of SPICY Street Food in Szechuan, China (Full Documentary)
My new blog: https://travelsecurely.com Today, I'm (Trevor James, The Food Ranger) surviving for 500 hours in Sichuan, eating spicy food just for you! I'm bringing you in for a massive Chinese street food tour of Sichuan and Xi'an. We're going in DEEP for spicy Sichuan food all around Chengdu, visiting a hot pot factory, and then going up to Xi'an for hand-pulled noodles! It's amazing to taste all this Chinese food. Actually, I think the food in China is some of the best street food in the world. You're going to love the Chinese street food in this video! Chinese food is some of the best in the world, and in Sichuan, it's absolutely amazing. I hope you like the Chinese cooking in this video cause it's over an hour of delicious Sichuan food in China! Don't worry, there are a lot of Chinese noodles too! 00:00:00 Introduction 00:00:37 Getting deep into the market 00:02:51 Amazing ding ding candy vendor 00:05:52 Pickled chicken feet breakfast 00:08:20 Silken tofu (spicy) 00:09:25 Numb your mouth with Sichuan peppercorn 00:09:39 Meeting old vendor friends 00:10:50 Pork blood specialty 00:11:40 Sichuan street pancake 00:12:59 Sichuan jelly noodles 00:13:49 Amazing dan dan noodles 00:16:05 Chengdu noodle slap master 00:20:23 Most extreme Sichuan lunch 00:25:09 Interacting with the locals 00:27:03 Sichuan noodles in Chengdu again 00:29:26 Extreme spicy hot pot dinner 00:32:32 Duck intestine hot pot 00:34:05 The master cuts the cold jelly noodles 00:35:31 Late night Sichuan dessert 00:36:42 Meeting our guide for the hot pot 00:37:11 Learning the company culture 00:38:15 Spicy Chongqing noodles 00:39:41 Slurping the Chongqing noodles 00:41:36 Arriving at the hot pot factory 00:43:01 Seeing the beef fat for the first time 00:43:30 Rare access to see the beef throwing 00:45:53 Seeing all the Sichuan spices 00:47:33 Seeing the extreme Chili oil 00:48:23 The final product 00:49:13 Eating hot pot for dinner 00:50:18 Making the hot pot dip 00:52:05 Melting the beef fat 00:53:38 Sichuan face shifting dance 00:55:11 Eating the hot pot 00:56:37 Arriving in Xi'an for Muslim street food 00:58:10 Eating baked buns 01:01:37 Chinese Muslim jelly noodles 01:04:22 Xi'an biangbiang noodles 01:06:59 Yangrou paomo 01:10:37 Xi'an jianbing 01:12:58 Saying thanks I hope you enjoyed this full on Chinese street food tour of Sichuan and Xi'an!


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