Theme Park Crazy's video: Top 10 FASCINATING Theme Park Finds on Google Earth

@Top 10 FASCINATING Theme Park Finds on Google Earth
On Google Earth, there are a lot of interesting things. For this video, we'll take a look at roller coasters and more theme park related finds. Intro: 0:00 Ultra Twister's Demise: 0:44 Go Kart Track Coaster: 2:30 I305's Turn Removed: 4:11 Togo's Ohio Subsidiary: 6:07 DK Coaster Prototype: 7:24 Drained Jaws Ride: 9:02 RIP Spongebob: 10:54 Chiller on the Farm: 12:07 Coaster Graveyard: 13:33 Maverick's Heartline Roll: 15:29 Comment Shout Out: 17:26 Outro: 18:12 Coordinates (be sure to use the time slider): Ultra Twister's remains: 38°54'42.11"N, 76°46'43.75"W Kumdori Land: 36°22'49.8"N 127°23'09.0"E Atlantis Land Kart Coaster: 7°15'3.92"S, 112°48'0.27"E I305's Turn: 37°50'9.78"N, 77°26'22.17"W I305's Track Stored 37°50'7.87"N, 77°26'52.96"W Togo's Ohio Subsidiary: 39°29'31.51"N, 84°24'8.43"W DK Coaster Prototype: 41°17'5.54"N, 112° 1'52.25"W Florida's Jaws Ride: 41°17'5.54"N, 112° 1'52.25"W Japan's Jaws Ride: 34°39'59.31"N, 135°25'51.67"E Kings Island Spongebob Characters: 39°20'30.23"N, 84°15'33.97"W The Chiller's Track in Cream Ridge: 40° 6'0.47"N, 74°29'34.76"W The Chiller Logo: 40° 6'4.66"N, 74°29'16.23"W The Chiller in Brazil: 26°48'41.3"S 48°37'22.1"W Six Flags Coaster Graveyard: 40° 8'28.56"N, 86°32'23.31"W Maverick's Heartline Roll: 40°46'18.07"N, 82°34'0.29"W Music: See the Moon (Instrumental Version) - Gamma Skies Wine & Spirits (Instrumental Version) - Xavy Rusan Last Day of the Week - Matt Large MERCH LINK: https://teespring.com/stores/theme-park-crazy-store Patreon Link: https://www.patreon.com/themeparkcrazy Original Maverick photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/raptoralex/6908128292 Vote for the best animatronic EVER here: https://forms.gle/Ur5G1KNw5F2xZKZ49


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