Theme Park Crazy's video: The Most INSANE Theme Park EVER: Marine World Africa USA

@The Most INSANE Theme Park EVER: Marine World Africa USA
Before it became Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Marine World Africa USA was perhaps the ultimate animal theme park. Boat safaris, water slides, water skiing elephants, a unicorn, and more! Long before the roller coasters, this arguably dangerous theme park had stories of a San Francisco 49ers player and even more. You could say it's a west coast action park. 0:00 Intro 0:38 An Idea 1:50 Construction Begins 2:42 Marine World 4:38 Judy the Waterskiing Elephant 5:13 Attendance Drops 6:38 Africa USA 7:55 Marine World Africa USA 10:41 Animal/Safety Concerns 13:27 The Park Grows 14:00 New Competition 15:43 Interesting Stories 17:05 Whale of a Time World 19:30 Park in Trouble 20:32 Tiger Mountain Rapids 23:04 Campeau Corp 23:50 The Unicorn 25:49 Save Marine World 27:33 Randy Cross Incident 29:06 A New Location 32:52 Moving to Vallejo 33:56 Reopening 34:54 Pep Rally Tiger Incident 35:58 New Attractions 40:26 The Decline 43:05 Cougar Mauling 43:29 Debt 44:07 A New Operator 47:00 Roller Coasters 48:16 Tiger Mauling 49:40 The Park Changes 50:02 The Six Flags Era 52:50 The Park Today 53:59 Outro Medusa thumbnail image by Tinned Elk Tiger attack (WARNING: UPSETTING): https://imgur.com/gallery/IdgygAp Music: You're Fake (Instrumental Version) - Zorro Whut Ya Sayin' - Booker and the Yeomans Getaway Rock (60s Pop Version) - Elliot Holmes Don't Bother Brother - Jerry Lacey Turtle Beach - Oakwood Station Afternoon Sun - Sahara Skylight Below Thunder - Wendel Scherer Souvenirs From Africa - Sight of Wonders Serat - Much Lesdds Sense Safari Trails - Sahara Skylight Bad Hair - Wanda Shakes Hide and Sneak - The Fly Guy Five Seatbelt On - Brightarm Orchestra Looking Over Your Shoulder - Stationary Sign Low Boogie - Dime Deep Like That I Guess - Stationary Sign Oudstock - Yinon Muallem I Will Be Waiting (Instrumental Version) - Cacti Sneaky Business - J.R. Productions The Friendly Ghost - Arthur Benson Strange Clouds - Sarah, the Illstrumentalist Always a Party - Ryan James Carr Your Touch (Instrumental Version) - Particle House Me vs Me - Jharee How Many Times (Instrumental Version) - Fox Drop He's Taking Over (Instrumental Version) - Birgersson Lundberg Habanero - Timothy Infinite Say It (Instrumental Version) - Elijah N Mario Bava Sleeps In a Little Later Than He Expected To - Chris Zabriskie On Division Multiplying (Instrumental Version) - Xavy Rusan


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