Theme Park Crazy's video: Top 30 Most INTENSE Thrill Rides on Earth - INSANE

@Top 30 Most INTENSE Thrill Rides on Earth - INSANE
VPN Offer: https://nordvpn.com/ThemeParkCrazy Flat rides are awesome, and there are many intense attractions out there. As voted on by the viewers, here is a list of thirty of the best ones out there. Music: Fury Club - Bonkers Beat Club Wine & Spirits (Instrumental Version) - Xavy Rusan HEIST MUSIC - NIGHTCAP Get It Started - Vanity Street FiASKO x Brandon Scott - Haunt 0:00 Intro 0:34 Super Air Race 1:21 Roll-O-Plane 2:19 Power Surge 3:09 Remix 3:54 Round Up 4:42 Sky Roller 5:30 Star Shape 6:25 Looper 7:22 Energy Storm 8:13 Tango 9:04 NordVPN 10:26 Jump2 11:28 Crazy Train 12:19 Rocket 13:17 Speed Flip 14:02 Super Shot 14:45 Gyro Swing 15:21 Speed XXL 16:12 Speed 32 16:53 Screamin' Swing 17:48 Top Scan 18:32 Top Spin 19:21 Booster 20:12 Giga Discovery 21:16 Capriolo 10P 22:06 Gravitron 23:11 Inversion 24 24:08 Time Machine 25:03 Rotor 26:05 Flying Fury 27:08 Zipper 28:10 Comment Shout Out 29:17 Outro


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