About Us

Viral Pitch is an influencer marketing, research & analysis platform on a mission to “Measure”.

  • Measuring the influencers' ability to influence!
  • Measuring the Impact of the influencer marketing campaigns!
  • Helping brands to reach out to the best-suited influencers to create the maximum impact at the lowest cost.

Viral Pitch works as a holistic approach to quantify all variables in the Influencer Marketing Space, a single platform to represent all influencer information for brand references.

Tracking metrics for Youtube, Instagram and Twitter, this is a one for all-suite to meet all your influencer needs.

We connect influencers with the latest campaigns in the industry, where they can check, assess and pitch their offers to the brands directly.

Not only for the brand, but Viral Pitch also makes influencer's knowledge from their social media platforms easily accessible and intelligible for the general audience. We make sure all the information displayed meets our standards to be easily understood, arranged in a way to be comprehensible by an average joe.

With 10+ categories, 600+ cities, 15+ filter options, Viral Pitch makes it possible for anyone to search for individual influencers with niche interests and audience bases, we make sure we give you the jumpstart you need to keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

Viral Pitch has more than 10 metrics to judge the performance of an influencer on their profile, which includes their Engagement Rate, VP Point, Average Likes and Comments. Moreover, we'll let you have an estimate of their charges per post even before you approach them.

Viral pitch helps you create your influencer marketing campaign:

  • Designing your social media strategy.
  • We make sure you only connect with influencers that have a relevant share of voice.
  • We craft your content to boost your brand reach and dynamic recall.

With Viral Pitch's back-end algorithms you can be sure that your advertising budget is being spent the right way; no bot likes, views or comments coming your campaign's way. We make sure you get delivered what you pay for, with Viral Pitch help is just a click away.